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Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

Antoine D. Sanders, also known as Doug. Is a Director, Editor, Camera Operator, and Founder of Doug Media Productions. He is based in Charleston, South Carolina.​Originally from Long Island, New York, Antoine at a young age moved to Charleston, South Carolina. His passion in life for his earlier childhood years began with music. Music was the way that Antoine expressed his thoughts and feelings, also the first form of art he would grow to learn and love. In the midst of years pursuing his music career, Antoine came across a videographer who would shoot his music videos and whom he closely befriended. It wasn't until he assisted as a camera operator on the scene of a music video, that he unknowingly found his true passion.  Antoine started his professional videography and production business immediately after receiving his Bachelor's in Digital Media & Film Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Fast forward to the present and now he specializes in weddings, corporate promotional content, interviews, documentary, camerawork and much.​Over the past 8 years, Antoine has worked with everyone from small businesses to corporate business.

Capturing and preserving that special moment is what we pride ourselves on creating. Whether its visually documenting the day you say "I do" or capturing that genuine connection of your first dance. Doug Media is sure to capture the moments you'll treasure.

Doug has over 8 years of experience in video production, working with a variety of businesses, organizations, individuals and even events. Whether you need a camera operator, an editor, or simply someone to supply the entire package, then Doug Media is the company for you!