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About Doug


Antoine ‘Doug’ Sanders is the Director, Editor, Camera Operator, and Founder of Doug Media Productions. Originally from Long Island, NY, Antoine moved to Charleston, SC at a young age. His passion for art began with music in his childhood years. In the midst of pursuing his music career, Antoine found his true passion–videography.


Antoine received his Bachelor's in Digital Media & Film Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta and immediately launched his own business, Doug Media. Today he specializes in cinematic-level videography including corporate promotional content, lifestyle content, interviews, documentary, camerawork, and much more - all right here in Charleston, SC.​


Over the past 8 years, Antoine has worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to major corporate brands. Now he’s ready to help you upscale your brand through premium video content.

If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, contact Doug Media today!

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